Cupcake Prices

Note: All our cupcakes (except mini cupcakes) are muffin size!

Classic Cupcakes
to include matching plain cupcake case, sprinkles & decorations

Bespoke Cupcakes (including Wedding Cupcakes)
Decorated with handmade decorations - please contact us for a quote

Giant Cupcake (gift wrapped) - approx. 20-24 portions from £35

Cupcakes cases - our cupcakes are provided in plain white or choclate cases, but we can provide cases to match your "theme". Please contact us for a quote for your bespoke cupcakes.

Cupcake wrappers - From 60p per wrapper

Cupcake stand hire
Cardboard cupcake stand holds up to 40 cupcakes can be purchased (with careful use can be re-used) £10 per stand

We can hire you a cupcake stand for your event. Please contact us for availability & cost.